New DSS Release 2016

Dear User Community Members,

Nile Sec is glad to announce the release of Nile Basin DSS 2016 which is available for download from here.

This release includes various new features and enhancements to existing features of the previous release as follows:

  1. The release brings support for SQLite databases.
  2. The dependency on TSObject has been removed from this release
  3. The Nile Basin DSS can be unlocked and used without the need for a dongle and license file until the internet based licensing scheme is ready. In this version, users need to install the ‘unlock’ program. The unlocked version of the DSS is the same as the licensed version in all features. The only difference is that the licensed version links with Mike by DHI modeling tools. The unlocked version doesn’t include Mike by DHI modeling tools. However, it has adapters for WEAP and SWAT and the user can work with these modeling tools using the unlocked version. The ‘unlock’ program can be downloaded from here.
  4. Numerous bug fixes that were fixed since the previous release.

For the licensed version of the Nile Basin DSS 2016, you will need to download Mike Zero 2016

The same dongles will work with the new release. License files have been sent to the DSS focal persons. If you have a dongle distributed by the National DSS unit but have not yet received the license file, you can request for the corresponding license files from Nile Sec or National DSS unit.

More information is available in the release notes of the MIKE Workbench Release 2016.1.2

Installation and training materials can be downloaded from Nile Basin DSS Help desk and user community portal.

yes its very helpful 

where is mike zero i can not see it on the web

Thank you. I am exploring it. 

All the best,


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Please provide for use the MIKE zero setup

Dear Support Team,

Please allow me access to download MIKE Zero.



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