The DSS GIS Manager is built using a GIS component called Map Suit that was developed by the ThinkGeo software company. It has the following features:


· Support for many vector and raster data formats

· Customizable zoom levels for optimal display detail

· Robust projection engine to project or reproject your data in any one of thousands of projections

· Raster reprojection support

· Draw, edit and manipulate vector data with nteractive shape drawing and editing, drag-to-move, rotate and resize, and more

· Custom labeling support

· Serializable map features


The GIS manager's functionality is built upon those features to allow the user to manipulate GIS data the way it is manipulated in other GIS tools. The user has also a number of built-in tools to manipulate, process or analyze the data (See DSS tools [MAAMH1] for details).

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