The Nile Basin Decision Support System (NB DSS) is an analytical tool jointly developed by NBI and Member States. Development of the tool was completed in December 2012.

It is a common computer-based platform for communication, information management and analysis of water resources. It provides a framework for sharing knowledge, understanding river system behavior, evaluating alternative development and management strategies, and supporting informed decision making. Figure 1 shows the DSS Key Focus Areas.

 Figure 1: DSS Key Focus Areas

The DSS is designed to meet the requirements of complex water   resources   planning.   It   provides   diverse   toolsets  for   data processing,  modeling,  scenario  management,  optimization  and  multi-criteria  decision  making.  It  offers  tools  for  integrating  environmental, social and economic objectives thus greatly facilitating multi-sector water resources planning at river basin level.

It is a generic system that can be applied at different scales – at national as well as transboundary levels. It can be installed both within an institutional  setup,  thereby  allowing  multiple  access  to  its  central  database and toolset, and also as a standalone solution.