The Nile Basin DSS Helpdesk tool is a web based interactive resource which helps DSS users get support from the Nile-SEC. The tool provides a three tier support system whereby DSS users report technical issues to specialists at the Nile Basin secretariat (Nile-SEC) who will either solve the problems or if they are complex issues, they are escalated to the system developers. Nile Basin DSS users will be required to register or signup and create an account in order to use the system.

Registration process

To register users will either use the helpdesk portal or send an email to The following workflow is provided to guide the registration process.

      a)  Registration using the Helpdesk and Community portal

             -  Type the URL,, in your web browser address bar and hit enter key

             -  Go to the “Sign up” link at the top right corner of the screen and fill in your full name and email


      b)  Registration using email

             - Create an email with the word “Registration” in the subject and include the following in the body

                  i.   Full Name

                  ii.  Country Name

                  iii.  Organization

                  iv.  Dongle Number (only for those with the license)

             -  Send the email to

       c)  You will get an email with a link to activate and set a password to your account

Requesting support

  • Simply send an email to or login to the portal and create a new ticket. When a new ticket is received an email with the ticket number is issued to you by email
  • Incoming tickets are assigned to the relevant technical staff who will be working on the support request
  • Responses to support requested will posted on the portal as well as sent by email to the requester
  • Solutions to specific problem are entered to the knowledge base which users can search for already available solutions