Spreadsheets are handled in the DSS using the DSS Spreadsheet manager which has a similar look and functions of Microsoft Excel. It is built using a spreadsheet component called SpreadsheetGear. The manager's functionality allows you to manipulate data the way it is manipulated in Excel. You have all the options to manipulate it using the built in functions (See below for details). The processed data can be saved in the DSS database. It can be also plotted as plotting graphs in excel.

The DSS 'Spreadsheet' manager function categories

A number of built in functions are incorporated within the 'Spreadsheet' manager to process, manipulate and analyze data. These functions are categorized as follows:

1. Database and list management.

2. Date and Time.

3. Financial.

4. Information

5. Logical

6. Lookup and reference

7. Math and trigonometry

8. Statistical

9. Text

10. Analysis toolpak

11. Range

12. GIS

13. Time Series

14. Indicator

15. DSS Scripts

It should be noted that the first 11 categories are similar to the built-in functions that are in Microsoft Excel. For a full list of the functions that exist for each of those categories see http://www.spreadsheetgear.com/products/spreadsheetgear.net.aspx. On the contrary, the last 4 categories are related to DSS objects such as GIS features, Time series data, indicators and scripts. These are explained in the next section.



The DSS related functions in 'Spreadsheet' manager

In the following tables, a list of all of the related DSS functions are presented with a description of what they can be used for.


Category: GIS







Category: Time Series


Gets the time series by path or optionally subset by date and time


Gets the time series quantile by path and fraction


Gets the maximum value in a time series identified by path




Calculates the time weighed average of a time series identified by path




Gets a time series calculated as moving average of the source time series identified by path


Gets the minimum value in a time series identified by path


Calculates the volume of a curve above the specified threshold


Calculates the duration curve of a time series identified by path


Category: Indicator





Category: DSS scripts

Under this category, all the scripts that take numerical arguments (e.g. not a time series or model objects) and are stored within the database are listed. These will vary from one database to another.