New DSS Release: 2014.5

Dear User Community Members,

We are glad to announce the release of NBDSS 2014.5 which is available for download from:

This version includes various new features and enhancements to existing features as follows:

  • New Adaptors for WEAP and SWAT modeling tools which allow models developed using these tools to be registered and run within the DSS and be linked to any other models that are registered with the DSS (e.g. Mike Hydro). Optimization of SWAT and WEAP scenarios is also available:

o SWAT is completely free and open source and can be downloaded from:

o WEAP can be obtained from You will need to have version 3.4390 or later and you need to apply for a license – please see for SEI licensing policy.

  • Enhancements to the Multi-Criteria Analysis tool including:

o New Trade-of-Analysis as an extension to Multi-Criteria Analysis. This new feature allows tabular and graphical visualizations of trade-offs between different criteria and scenarios to better understand what is lost versus what is gained when a solution (scenario) is preferred over another.

o Automatic updating of a MCA setup with new simulation results, without the need to configure the setup afresh.

o Ability to import scenarios indicators calculated outside the DSS, and use these indicators together with ones calculated within the NB DSS.

  • New Tools for handling Climate Change data including:

o A new folder provider that allows handling large climate change datasets in NetCDF and other formats without importing them to the database

o Addition of New Time Series Tools to generate downscaled climate change projections for precipitation, evapo-transpiration and temperature with three statistical algorithms: Delta change factors, Quantile-Quantile, and Perturbed Quantile

o Extension of zonal statistics tools for points and lines

o New temporal zonal statistics tool to calculate time series of statistics of GIS features from temporal rasters (i.e. time series of rasters).

o Animation of temporal rasters

o Metadata support related climate change data and downscaling

If you have a dongle and a license file for DSS v2.0, then they will work with this version as well.

More information is available in the release notes of the DSS 2014.5 available from:


More to come in the next few weeks/months regarding training and training materials on the new features.

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Great achievement, thanks.


For Users who want to install WEAP, please download the latest version from:
This is still beta version but it is required because version 3.43 which is downloadable from the WEAP website does not comply with NB DSS.

You can apply for a license through the normal procedure:

Received with thanks

SEI has released a new full version of WEAP with all the enhancements and fixes of intermediate releases. They changed the naming so it is named version 2015.0. Visit for more information. We will be testing the new version for compatibility with the DSS.

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