The DSS User Community Launched

The launching of DB DSS User Community took place on March 1, 2014 in Entebbe, Uganda with 60 participants coming from NBI Countries.

This is wonderful. More users from variouse organisations and parastatals withing the members state should now be brought on board

Let me join the DSS User community in first congratulating the NBI team who conceived this noble idea. The user community envisages to take this technology to the next level by mimicking the intentions of the DSS for sustainable mankind. Long live the user community and DSS. 

Nile DSS is  really very much important for the real "Short, medium and long term multipurpose water resource planning and management for sustainable use with out compromising the ecosystem" at the basin wide as well as the sub basin level.

Thanks to NBI.

I appreciate this noble work undertaken my the team. It will really be very vital to create awareness and share in some of the unique experience

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