The DSS 'Spreadsheet' manager has a similar look and function of Microsoft Excel. The manager's functionality allows you to manipulate data the way it is manipulated in Excel. You have all the options to manipulate using the built in functions and/or functions created under the scripting manager. The processed data can be saved in the DSS database. It can be plotted as plotting graphs in excel.

The Spreadsheet manager components

Each manager in the DSS has four user interface components. These components are used to carry out operations on objects related the concerned manager (e.g. import spreadsheet data into the Spreadsheet Manager). In this case, Figure 2 shows the components of the DSS ‘Spreadsheet’ Manager, namely:

1. The Spreadsheet Explorer: where spreadsheets are organized in user defined groups and subgroups.

2.  The 'Spreadsheet' Window area:  where the spreadsheet data is viewed.

3. Tools Explorer: where the tools that are relevant to spreadsheets are accessed.

4.  The Properties Window: where the selected spreadsheet or tool properties are displayed, property values are set and selected tools are executed.


Figure 1: ‘Spreadsheet’ manager components